Does a Gun Point Put Terrorism to an end or escalate it?


Since the occurrences of September 11 attacks in USA by the Terrorist Network of Al-Qaida, the International Community and other regional bodies have invested much to counter and obliterate International terrorism. Incidence, The World has witnessed alliances of big Nations on the War against Terrorism.

In 2001, America and her Allies (NATO) participated fully in the War in Iraq and Afghanistan. The world was taken by surprise to the Military operations in Afghanistan where the US Special forces hunted the Al-Qaida leaders. The Al-Qaida Leader Osama Bin Laden, was hunted down and killed in Pakistan but still terrorism has continued to hit the international Media coverage and still there are more causalities of terror attacks in many Countries in the world.

In recent years, terrorist groups and radicals clerics are enjoying popularity of radicalization of unemployed and hopeless Youth who have been betrayed by their Political Leaders. The World has witnessed the rise of Anti-Balaka and Seleka Militia in Central Africa Republic, the Somali Al-shabaab as well as Boko haram just to mention the few; these organizations have extended their influence by recruiting youth from Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. The latter being unusual occurrence since they have  not been experiencing terror related incidences and have been previously referred to as an island of Peace. The young Blood find themselves with “NO” option of whether they have to starve or join Al-Shabaab Militias and benefit with their families with handsome salaries.

The recent Interventions in Middle East to fight with Terrorist groups led to the emergence of New Terrifying Enemy “ISIS”, where many innocent people in Iraq and Syria as well as Journalist and aid Workers lives have been lost.

Nevertheless, the nature and character of War on terror seems even to compromise with human rights, many people have been thrown under arbitrary detentions and arrest. And in some Western Countries peoples freedom has been undermined by the state security services.

All actions and interventions of War against terrorism have proved to be massive failures for what has been seen is that, “Terrorist Groups and Radical Movement continues to upsurge like mushrooms all over the World from North Pole to South Pole”. It’s my opinion and I really optimistic that, the war against terrorism will achieve its goal if and only if the International Community takes new directions and this direction should not merely rely on gun point as the only option. Since then jihadist clerics are not using the gun point to wage their insurgency but rather using the holly books “Quran and Bible” to propagate and manipulates the people. The International Community should take joint efforts to ensure that, the root cause of manipulating the World is dealt effectively. This can only be possible by rising Public Debates where by those who has been wash brained and consequently manipulated Ideologically are rescued and left free from the World of Perversion.

The author of this piece is Mohamed Aliy, a young activist and a trainee of Young Leaders Forum-2014, Tanzania. The views expressed here do not necessarily represent the views of FES.