About us

Welcome to „Sema Yote – Say it All“, the new blog of the „Young Leaders Forum“ (YLF), a long running youth training program of the Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation (FES) in East African Countries.

The blog should serve as a political discussion platform for our aspiring „Young Leaders“ from Ethiopia to Tanzania. It should feature domestic and cross-border issues concerning young people in East Africa today. We encourage a critical and engaged dialogue which respects other opinions and refrains from any form of personal denunciation.


In Tanzania, youths make up the majority of the population. Behind this numerical advantage is potential to influence the political direction and support democratic change in the country. Paradoxically, youth participation in political organisation is minimal and insignificant due to nepotism and undemocratic structures. Furthermore, unequal education opportunities and lack of self-confidence hinder youth participation in democratisation processes.

To support a more active role of the youth, the FES developed the Young Lead­ers Forum where youths are trained on various as­pects of leadership. The one year training program brings together youths from different backgrounds such as political parties, governmental ministries, NGOs, trade unions. The YLF is a multidisciplinary training program that covers areas of politics and public administration, economics, media and communication as well as management skills. It further touches issues like gender and HIV/Aids.

The main objective of the program is to enable young leaders to become capable and reliable leaders who play a significant role in the democratic transformation of their institutions and Tanzania. In addition, the program intends to create a networking atmosphere among the trainees and their institutions.